Thursday, June 5, 2014

What is a Worm Farm

Have you heard of an ant farm. A worm farm is similar. It consists of...

 worms. One of the best worms to use is red wigglers. They will eat their weight in organic matter each day. That is perfect for recycling organic matter.

Then you need a container. We like to use the medium sized rubber made container with a lid. Only fill it up to the line so there is room for kitchen scraps and such.

I like to use well cured compost as worm bedding but you can also use shredded newspaper.

Add a few kitchen scraps to your farm for the first week and then you can add scraps up to the weight of your worms for the first week.

A starter worm farm contains approximately 1/2 pound of worms.

After about a month you can remove half of the worm castings and replace them with some more bedding.

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