Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Do We Do With All That Compost (With Time Lapse Video)

We are very creative about the use of one of the most amazing resources in Rochester.

So just what do we do with all that compost...

Note: Video is much better in 1080p fullscreen.

Tonight Reed and I were building a new bed for growing greens. We spread compost 4 feet wide and 4 inches thick for a 300 foot long bed. It takes about 12,000 pounds for a bed like this.

We plant leeks, onions and shallots in a narrower version of the above. About 4 inches thick and 12 inches wide and about 500 foot long takes about 4,000 pounds.

Potatoes love to grow in compost. A trench 12 inches deep with potatoes in the bottom about 300 feet long will take 4000 pounds.

We plant pumpkins in hills of compost to give them a jump on the weeds and provide a soaking of compost tea every time it rains, which is what we used the compost from the video for.

If we lay down plastic for perennial crops like raspberries, we put a 4 inch layer of compost under the plastic for enrichment of long term perennial plantings.
Note: This is not the Video. See above.
We use compost we make ourselves in our potting mix.

We use compost to dethatch our lawn. Areate the lawn and then scratch the compost into the holes.

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