Sunday, June 15, 2014

Characteristics of a Good Farm Father

A good farm father has some unique characteristics that most of us could learn from. In honor of all those farm fathers here is my top ten list...

  1. A firm faith in God his compass to true north.
  2. He is a teacher of his family and children
  3. He is conservative financially and stays out of debt.
  4. He is handy and can fix his own equipment.
  5. He is a hard worker and teaches his children life skills.
  6. He values education and is a life long learner. He is a reader
  7. He is progressive about his business and is on the leading edge of conservation and new techniques, while maintaining the best practices of yester year.
  8. He is a leader in the agricultural community.
  9. He is a giver. He gives to others and to the church.
  10. He makes his wife happy and blesses her.
This list would encompass characteristics from both my father and Lisa's father.

See a conversation with my dad. for a tribute to my father.

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