Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What is the Optimum Amount of Sunlight for Vegetables in Pots

Part sun or full sun for plants in pots? Find out in this post... Photo Credit: Reed
The amount of day light available to your potted vegetables will determine the growth rate. What is the ideal amount?
This depends on what you are trying to grow and what light you have to work with.

If the plants are on the south side of the house and are not shaded, you will get full day light, which is about 16 hours towards the end of June in Minnesota. If they are on the East or West side of the house they may get 8-10 hours of day light. It is not recommended to grow garden vegetables on the north side of the house as they will be shaded most of the time.

Large plants such as tomatoes, sunflowers, okra, peppers and would like full sun for the fastest growth. If this is not possible, that is OK. Just don't expect them to grow quite as fast and the harvest may be several weeks late.

Smaller plants such as basil, lettuce and greens would like to be on the east side of the house and get morning sun.

Plants in pots are limited how much water is available, so water regularly, if you have to be gone for and extended weekend, put your pots in some shallow pans or containers and put 1-2 inches in the bottom. The plants will use the water they need without being over watered.

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