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New Happy New Year! Start this one off right by eating healthy and exercising often. 1/1/16

New Series on Beets. 9/27/15

New Reed's College Visit to Purdue. 8/15/15

New Chemical Agriculture 200 series begins! 2/26/15

New After a month of technical difficulties, we're back! -with many coleslaw recipes. 12/25/14

New Mini series on soil fertility. 7/28/14
The Blog's initials taken in a long exposure photograph. Credit: Reed
The Blog's initials taken in a long exposure photograph. Credit: Reed

New Jenna Petersen's First Guest Post! 7/3/14

New Plants in pots series. 6/15/14

New Short leek series. 4/20/14

New Farmer's Market starts outside on May 3rd. 4/19/14

New Series on assortments of sprouts 3/29/14

New Series on why the Church shouldn't borrow money and Generosity. 3/20/14

New Revised email subscription emails for quicker viewing. If you haven't subscriber to the Vegetable Freak Blog via email, and would like to do so, simply type it into the 'Subscribe by Email' bar on the right sidebar. 1/29/14

New More posts on the home page for quicker viewing. 1/26/14

New Compost Counter! Shows how much compost we add to our farm, based on how much we use per year. 1/22/14

New The What's New! page is the newest addition to our blog. Here we will update what all is new for series' and keep you updated. 1/22/14

New The Chemical Agriculture series has begun! If you want to read all of them, click Here for the most up-to-date posts on the subject. 1/12/14


  1. Looking for carrots, spinach, bell peppers, cucumbers, kale, and other good juicing veggies. When will you have some ready? Prices?

    1. We have carrots, and kale greens will probably be next week, not this week. We have spinach as well, but bell peppers and cucumbers are seasonal, and can't be grow now. Cucumbers will be available throughout the summer, and bell peppers will be late summer/fall. Carrots are currently $3.50 per bag, and baby kale will be $3 for a small bag, and $5 for a large gallon bag. Let us know if you have any further questions, and happy juicing!

      *prices are subject to change, though probably will not.

  2. Will you start blogging again? I haven't seen anything since last June.