Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Look in the Mirror - Graduation

GET BACK, BEHAVE, LAY DOWN, STOP IT, said a "stage whispered" little girl voice, which greeted Lisa and I one June morning at 5:00 am.

Upon investigation I found a three year old Jenna standing on the counter in the bathroom in front of the mirror working on her hair which had suffered some set-backs during the night in bed.

15 years later...

Jenna graduated from Schaffer Academy High School last week. Graduation is a tremendous accomplishment in the life of any young person.  If well done, high school provides the tools for a lifetime of learning and success.

Like a mirror, let me reflect some of the key milestones I think Jenna has accomplished.
  1. Faith. Jenna will be leaving us for college in a few short months for some parents this separation is cause for anxiety.  While we will miss her, Jenna has her feet firmly planted in the word of God and a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Music. It has truly been a joy to hear her performances in flute and honors choirs. She also learned a lot about leadership in these areas.
  3. Diligence. Jenna has learned to choose worthy goals and work hard to meet them.
  4. Friends. She is a very good judge of character and picks good friends.
  5. Academics. She is very well prepared for her college future.
  6. Communication. I am extremely pleased with the way all our children communicate in writing and verbally. The teachers at Schaffer Academy have done an excellent job.
  7. Mathematics and Science. She has deep pillars as a foundation for her future endeavors. The rigor of AP classes is a very good place to be, going into college. It is very fun to have a conversation with your teen about the timeless nature of osmosis, free body diagrams, kinematics or calculus. Instead of the dribble that is on TV or tabloids.
  8. Work. Jenna is a very hard worker. She was often up before 5:00 am and worked until midnight on school projects or getting ready for the farmer's market. She has experience in the work world both on and off the farm. It has been my great delight to watch her grow in this area. Who ever is fortunate enough to hire her will really be pleased and get their monies worth.
  9. Expert. She is a subject matter expert in the use of vegetables and herbs for culinary purposes. She would also know how to grow and propagate these herbs.
  10. Leadership. In the church worship program, in band and in choir.
  11. Financially. She has a plan for how to attend college debt free. In addition to scholarships, the plan is called work and saving. 
  12. Health. She has learned to eat and exercise well. She wants to build a career in helping people be well.
Mirrors are good for looking at ourselves and looking behind us.

Jenna is looking to the future with a tool box full to the brim with excellence, care for others and belief in herself, and the God she serves.

Go with our blessing Jenna, like a straight arrow from the quiver.

You are an amazing young woman.

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