Saturday, June 21, 2014

Growing Great Garlic

Growing Great Garlic is the definitive source of organic garlic wisdom. The author Ron England is the owner of Filaree Garlic Farm in Okanogan, Washington. I got some of my early garlic starts from Filaree and they have been adapted to the Minnesota climate over several seasons.

Next week we will start our garlic season with...

Garlic Scapes, which are the curly top from the hardneck garlic. They are a great source of garlic flavor early in the season.

In about 3-4 weeks, we will start the garlic harvest and bring our first garlic to market.

I planted 75 pounds of garlic last fall and it wintered well despite the severe -25 degrees temps.

The children weeded the garlic for the second time this season today and we got a nice soaking inch of rain this evening.

Things are looking good in the garlic department.

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