Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hunting for Truth, Beauty and Goodness

The elusive Morel mushroom is the gem of the spring forest floor. There is nothing better than Morels sauted in butter. You can't cultivate them. they just show up. But there is a time and place where they can be found. The experience forager knows where to look to increase the odds of finding these delectable treasures.
Elusive Morel Mushroom. Reed Petersen.
Elusive Morel Mushroom. Reed Petersen.

In the same way the High School graduate from Schaffer Academy has been trained to know where to look for...;

Truth, Beauty and Goodness: the permanent things.

Truth - starts with scripture. It comes from the eternal and unchanging Spirit of God. When God said bring all creation into submission and he gave Adam the epic charter to rule over it. This included truth.

Beauty - is God given talent refined through the double helix of hard work and excellence. Beauty takes many forms, whether it be the arts, literature or our work.

Goodness - is your life filled with peace and contentment, or strife and envy. Goodness is the balance in the scales of a life lived well.

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