Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Parsnips, the Great Experiment

Many of our fellow farmers market vendors grow parsnips and I will join them for the first time this year. We grow thousands of pounds of carrots but nary a single parsnip. So why the oversight?

Truth be told, I got some seed last year and forgot to plant it. It was hiding in the bottom of one of our seed bins.

I guess we just didn't eat parsnips when we were growing up and so I didn't have the hankering for any. Carrots were ubiquitous, but parsnips were absent from our table when I was growing up.

I watch the farm next to us at the winter market sell some beautiful parsnips and I kinda got the itch to plant some. You know, be weird, let it all hang out!

Boy these are going to be some beauties too. I dug a trench about 10 inches deep and filled it to the brim with compost. Parsnips can't resist this deep fertile growing medium and will respond with wonderful flavor and nutrition.

Check in with us in the fall. They won't last long!

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