Monday, May 5, 2014

10 Reasons Why Rochester Minnesota Is a Great Place to Raise a Family

Spring is in the air and people start thinking of moving and relocating. With all the talk about the Destination Medical Center (DMC), many people will be thinking of relocating here. The local papers and TV are promoting Rochester as a mecca for employment and growth.

As a long term resident, I would like to offer my list of why the Rochester area is a great place to live and raise a family.

  1. Farmers Market. The farmers market gives us a sense of community and rootedness. You knew I would have to start with this one. Here is a link for more information. Rochester Downtown Farmers Market.
  2. A stable economy and employment. Even in a recession employment has always grown, leading many to the conclusion that Rochester is "almost" recession proof.
  3. Great health care options from RAK Chiropractic. We use RAK far more than any other options, here is a link to RAK Chiropractic. Oh yes, we also have Mayo Clinic, both are at the top of their game.
  4. Autumn Ridge Church. This is our church home of 30 years and one of the largest evangelical churches in Minnesota outside the twin cities.
  5. Schaffer Academy. Our children have attended Schaffer Academy in Rochester K-12
  6. Peoples Food Coop. Great organic shopping options. Rochester is a growing regional shopping hub.
  7. Good college options in the region.
  8. Honors Choirs of SE Minnesota.  One of my favorite organizations that our children have been involved in. See my comments in these posts: A Life Time of Music, Breath of Heaven and A Song Sung Well.
  9. Riverside Concerts, Arts Festival, and Rochester Fest for Downtown entertainment.
  10. Excellent fine dining. These restaurants buy fresh produce from us: Rainbow Café, Nosh Restaurant, Zzest Market & Café, and Prescott's Grill.

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