Saturday, May 31, 2014

35 Million Pounds of Compost

When I was in college I worked for a summer for a guy that fixed tractors and other kinds of heavy equipment. He prided himself on having every possible part and if he didn't have it he would get it.

Reminds me of the amount of compost at the waste to energy facility. They have all anyone could possibly need. I'm estimating a bit but looks to me like they have approximately...

35 million pounds of compost in inventory. Did you know that each pound of compost represents 30 pounds of leaf and grass clipping that have been broken down. So the amount of raw material that didn't go into the land fill and was turned into beautiful rich black humus was nearly a billion pounds.

That is amazing!!!

Each gram of that compost has trillions of micro-organisms. They amount of biology in this compost is enough to enrich the soil of 10,000 homes.

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