Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to Grow Mint Julep and Mojito Mint

How to Grow Mint Julep and Mojito Mint. By special request we have acquired starts of the  mint (Yerba Buena) used in these summer time drinks. We will have this mint all summer.

Mint is easy to grow and very prolific. Mint will root readily from cuttings, which is one of the main methods of propagation. Clip cuttings and place in water.  In two weeks the cuttings will be ready to plant in Petersen's potting mix.

We have these mint plants now. If you get two plants you can alternate harvests weekly between the two plants allowing time for the plant to regrow and recover.

Fertilize the soil with a dilute solution of fish emulsion every two weeks. Right after harvest is the ideal time to fertilize.  Do not get on the foliage or you will have a fishy tasting mint.

If you plant in the garden you might consider putting them in a large pot so they don't spread where you don't want them to.

If planted in the ground mint will generally survive the winter in Rochester, MN. If in pots, you many want to bring them inside for the winter.

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