Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Reflections

We lost my father to cancer about 5 weeks ago and I know my mother is feeling the loss the most. Here are some reflections of my growing up years and the affect my mother had in our home.

It is my goal to bless her for all these memories...

Mom wore many hats in our home. As a father myself, I have a greater appreciation for her substantial contributions:
  1. Protector of the faith. Mom saw that we were always in church. Wednesday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday night, if the church was open we were there. Thanks Mom.
  2. Keeper of the traditions. Each family develops traditions that are shared with their children. Mom was the keeper of these traditions. Whether it be a special meal on your birthday. A special dish when we had company. A bed time story. You know that kind of stuff. Thanks Mom.
  3. Nurse. We got our share of injuries. Lacerations, contusions and other minor trauma were our specialty. She could fix them all. Mostly I think it was the comfort. Thanks Mom.
  4. Discipline. Three kids could get pretty rowdy. But we knew when we crossed the line. As a result of good discipline as a child I can't think of a time when we needed more than a friendly reminder as a teenager. Thanks Mom.
  5. Tutor. I was pretty proud of the 25 page research paper I wrote in High School on "Bacteriology", but guess who helped get it typed and spelled right. Typing was the only class I ever got a C on. Thanks Mom.
  6. Taxi driver. Mom was the original "soccer mom" before there was such a thing. Thanks Mom.
  7. Garden manager. Mom planted the tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. We were pretty much meat and potatoes (oops I didn't mention potatoes). So nothing exotic. But look where those humble beginnings led. (We now garden 5 acres.) Thanks Mom.
  8. Critter care. We always had some baby pigs or baby kittens in a box in the basement, typically out of harms way during a harsh winter. Mom kept them warmed and fed. Thanks mom.
  9. Spare parts service and delivery. When ever Dad broke down on the farm, Mom went to town to get the parts and Dad broke down more than average. Some moms spend time at Target or Kohls in line to return their shopping acquisitions. My mom spent time in line at the parts store. Thanks Mom.
  10. Laundry. Farm families are invested in the land and that means they get dirty a lot. I figured mom did north of 10,000 loads of laundry in our growing up years. This is a somewhat mundane task that is often underappreciated. Thanks Mom. 
So many thanks to my Mom. I thought it would be good for her to know that her children were watching and listening. She is much appreciate.

I Love You Mom.

For those that are interested here is a link to a tribute to my father, which was read at his funeral by my oldest daughter Andrea.  A Conversation with My Dad.

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