Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 Benefits of a Micro Farm

We have 8 acres of tillable land on our farm and typically plant about 5 acres to vegetables and fruit each year.

Anything under 10 acres is a micro farm.

Here are 10 significant benefits of a micro farm...

  1. Micro farms can be worked by a single family
  2. Micro farms are a great place to raise a family and teach family values
  3. Micro farms produce can be marketed locally through farmers markets
  4. Micro farms promotes diversity. We use of over 75 different varieties of vegetables.
  5. Micro farms can be located in urban areas.
  6. Micro farms are a great way to educate the public about farming and food
  7. Micro farms build soil (we have added 3 million pounds of compost to our farm)
  8. Micro farms are sustainable using natural inputs.
  9. Micro farms are good for the local economy.
  10. Micro farms are a model for the future of agriculture.

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