Sunday, May 4, 2014

Honor - A Mother's Day Blessing

The ten commandments says to honor our father and mother. As a husband I think this includes honoring our wife, the mother of our children. We can bring honor to them with our words as well as our actions. I know it is a week early, but if you are looking for some fresh ideas on how to honor your wife or mother for Mothers Day here are some suggestions...

I wrote a post last year for Lisa for Mothers Day about 10 ways Lisa blesses her family, friends, church and community.

This list will get you started for your wife or mother and you can customize it for her special attributes and the things she contributes to those around her.

Here is a link to the post A Mothers Day Blessing for Lisa.

 I will also publish a tribute to my mother later this week that has more ideas.

Have fun.

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