Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Isn't Mommy Beautiful?

"Isn't Mommy beautiful?" is one of the well repeated phrases of Dad on Mother's Day. My habitual response was to grin and nod, and repeat, "Yes. Mommy is beautiful", and secretly roll my eyes at the slight romance.

I appreciate the love my Mom shows for me daily, and am giving her a little love now. She works tirelessly trying to serve us, with no monetary compensation. Here's a poem I wrote to show some appreciation:

On this Mother's Day, sit back and relax.
Be fresh and be youthful: don't empty dish racks.
Be joyful and happy, there's no need for strife.
You welcome all people, from all walks of life.
Green eyes and brown hair, you're sharp as a tack.
You never lose hope, lose heart, or lose track.
You raised your children in such a strong way,
All are fast believers; none have slipped away. (or started ballet)
Thank you for raising me for all of your life;
You are a great Mother, great woman, great wife.

~on original poem by Reed Petersen (a 16 year old, sophomore at Schaffer Academy).

*The above poem was written in Iambic Tetrameter Couplet in ABACB form, meaning there is 4 feet per line (tetrameter), and the second syllable in the foot is accented (iambic). It is a couplet, because there are two lines in a row that end in a rhyme, and the rhyme pattern is ABACB.

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