Monday, January 27, 2014

Let me tell you about my "X"

When I started my first job out of college 30 years ago this month I got a shiny new IBM PC XT. This new PC was the first with a hard drive, 128 kB of RAM (Woo Hoo), Intel 8088 4.77 MHz processor, and Lotus I23 spreadsheet. It was a beauty and state of the art. We were still using punch card for FORTRAN programs and terminals hooked to a Digital PDP 11 in college. Even digital calculators were only a few years on the market and slide rules had been the rule up until the early 1980's. But I digress... I used a PC both at home and at work for over 25 years. I still use a Windows laptop at work and I'm writing this on a windows lap top at home.

About 3 years ago I got fed up with the extreme vulnerability of the Windows operating system to viruses and getting hung up. We were constantly having to do "maintenance".

So we jumped ship
and got a MacBook and iPad. What a difference in ease of use and no viruses.
We still have a Windows laptop for those few programs that require a Windows operating system.
But as each of our children has gotten ready for college we have purchase a second, and then a third and yet a fourth MacBook.

Lest you think we have wandered outside our budget, these later MacBooks were used ones that Reed found on Craigslist. Andrea has used hers for composing music on the software Symphony. Jenna has used hers for photo editing and image rendering (she has a growing photography business). Reed has done all of the above, plus video editing and many hardware upgrades.

So as a family we have embraced Apple in a big way.

So my "X" is the IBM XT and the Windows operating system that followed. With the aid of a little technology history lesson, now you know.

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