Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chemical Agriculture 107 - Seeds and Genetics

Large multinational corporations control most of the commercial seed sources. What is deemed of commercial value is based on the priorities of the corporation. Many varieties that are of low sales or not deemed of commercial value have been lost as they are let go out of production. These are typically varieties for the home garden or heirlooms and much genetic potential has been lost.

The corporations are now dabbling in GMO's in a big way. Why do they do that? Because you can patent a GMO and make lots of money. Many of these GMO's are released into the environment without adequate testing.

Seed houses like Johnny's Select Seeds have the right priority on developing seed for the gardener and small commercial grower. Highmowing Seeds and Peaceful Valley Farm Supply are also great sources.

If you want to learn more "Seed to Seed" by Susan Ashworth is a great source of information for growers.

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