Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chemical Agriculture 112 - Adhesive

Erosion is the ticking time bomb of the modern agriculture world. We have lost soil that took thousands of years to develop in just a few short generations due to mistaken agricultural practices. We may only have a few generations left. Low till and no till practices slow the rate slightly but don't address the root cause. The structure of these deep prairie soils has been destroyed by the use of anhydrous ammonia, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Anhydrous ammonia burns out the organic matter that supports the life in the soil. Ask any farmer over 50 how much bigger his tractor has to be now than 20 years ago to pull the same tillage equipment. Destroying the structure of the soil and organic matter, means tillage requires more horse power to till the hard packed soil.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides suppress the life in the soil. So what difference does it make that a few sleepy critters in the soil can grow, reproduce and do their thing. Well just what is "their thing".

Bacteria, fungi and invertebrates (earthworms) create the structure of the soil. They secrete the adhesive that binds the soil together. When we destroy this structure by scorched earth agriculture and when we suppress soil life, the precious soil that is the life blood of this nation ends up in the Mississippi River delta.

Protect and rebuild our soils.

Buy local, buy organic, vote with your fork.

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