Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chemical Agriculture 104 - Who Is the Customer

So far in this series we have discussed Chemical Fertilizers, Chemical Pesticides, and Chemical Herbicides. This is in contrast to natural fertilizers, no pesticides (healthy plants) and no herbicides in an organic system.

One of the biggest contrasts to an organic system of growing is the way the product is marketed. The chemical farmer typically has no idea who his customer is. He sells his grain as a nameless product to a faceless corporation. Tons and bushels is the mantra with little thought to the nutrition of the grain or quality of the product. Cheap food and low quality is fostered by our government programs.

Have you ever thought about the word "commodity",
The very connotation says generic, and common. Yep, I'd like to feed my family a delectable commodity and dine on fillet of commodity.

An organic farmer is typically marketing directly to his customer or if he is selling wholesale he must maintain traceability and purity of his product (GM's are forbidden). In addition he may be required to demonstrate the quality of his product and the nutritional content through testing. This level of rigor is similar to that used in the development and manufacture of a medical product, where every element is documented and traceable back to its source. This is very cool for the organic customer.

You are the customer. Your health and well being matters. You deserve the best quality and value that a growing system can produce.

We want to be your farmer.

Next we will consider the what Chemical Agriculture does to the soil. See Chemical Agriculture 105.

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