Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chemical Agriculture 111 - Euphoria

The meaning of euphoria has the connotation of elation, filled with joy, tremendous satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness, and well-being. Many words in our lexicon originate in our agricultural roots. In the ancient Greek world the word euphoreo meant "to yield a good crop". Not just a good crop, mind you, but one that is over the top, unbelievable, amazing, and once in a life time.

What is meant by yielding a "good crop"? In the chemical agricultural world the yields per acre have grown from 50 bushels of corn per acre 50 years ago to the yields possible with modern hybrids and fertilizers, which can top 300 bushels per acre. Pretty euphoric if you ask me. Corn and other agricultural grasses like sugar cane have a unique ability to efficiently convert sunlight into sugars and starches. Industry then uses the starches and sugars to create 1000's of products. Corn has been genetically modified to withstand herbicides and to be toxic to some of the pests that cause the most yield loss. Corn is the number one commodity. But is this a "good crop"?

Chemical agriculture does very little to look at the quality of the crop and the quality of the soils in which the crop is grown. Are the vegetables we eat nutritious and full of vital vitamins and minerals, or do they just look good, propped up by a chemical soup of preservatives. Agricultural testing of soils looks at N, P & K. But we mine the soils of other vital minerals and organic matter with little thought to replacing them.

We feed the soil on the Petersen's farm a rich mix of compost, minerals, kelp, fish emulsion and trace nutrients, which feeds the plants, which feed the human race.

A euphoria (good crop) worth celebrating.

We want to be your farmer.

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