Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top 10 Vegetable Freak Posts for 2014

On reflection over the past year I though it would be good to review some of the top Vegetable Freak posts for 2014.

Here they are...

Starting with the lowest views to most views...

  1. How To Be A Student Without A Student Loan - By Andrea Petersen
  2. A Conversation With My Dad - My last conversation with my Dad before he went to heaven
  3. Thinking Generously - What the Bible says about generosity
  4. What We Do With All That Compost - A time laps video
  5. A Little Love for Chocolate Mint - Jenna's famous post on Chocolate Mint.
  6. The Gobblers Knob Controversey - A happy memory about my Dad.
  7. Hope & Encouragement on Church Giving - Encouragement for church leaders
  8. How to Plan Organic Carrots - A great tutorial on planting candy carrots.
  9. Ten Ways to Use Fresh Squash Blossoms - A gourmet summer time treat.
  10. The Miracle of Compost - This post has almost 3000 views, check it out to see why
The Vegetable Freak blog has had 42,000 views since inception in December 2012. About 20,000 of these views are out side the US. It never ceases to amaze me that you can sit in your office and address a world wide audience of nearly every country in the world. That would have never happened when I was Reeds age. 

The times they are a changing.

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