Monday, January 19, 2015

The Supper Table

As a father and a farmer I have learned that the supper table isn't just for eating it is also for leading. Many examples, values, and instructions are transmitted at the table. This won't happen if you are watching TV or talking on the phone. You need to pay attention and be intentional.

Here are five principle of "The Table".

  1. Getting caught up. Life moves at a rapid pace and the supper table is a good time to check in and see how everyone's day went. I have especially enjoyed this as our children have become teenagers and then adults. As the intellectual level of the conversation has risen so has the level of give and take, and we have been able to teach deeper life principles and approaches. For example, Andrea and I were discussing how to best organize and market a music theory class she plans to give this summer, Jenna was showing us how to make low carb "pizza" crust from cauliflower and Reed described how he had been refurbishing a computer with upgrades to memory, hard drive and operating system. This was over lunch one day while the girls were home on mid semester break.
  2. Family meetings. We probably didn't have these enough as the Children were growing up but these were very useful and a little more formal. This was for things like a meeting of blessing as the girls went off to college. Or discussing what to do about a wayward employee.
  3. Work assignments. The to do list for the day and feedback were all discussed around the table 
  4. Delicious and nutritious food. Our farm and our pantry provides sustenance not just calories. Highly mineralized soil yields highly flavorful vegetables. We learn food preparation and experiment with the wisdom of the past around our table
  5. Divine guidance. Lots an lots of prayers for wisdom, guidance and provision have happened at our table. Our children too have learned to pray around our table.

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