Monday, January 12, 2015

Two Below

Why is it that when we talk about temperature we say it is two below and when we talk about gas prices we say it is below $2,00.

Well both things happened in confluence this week. We have gas prices reach the mythical $1.99 per gallon and we flew right by two below zero (farenheit) in the weather department as well.

I just thought I would document this for posterity as we haven't seen gas prices this low for quite a few years. We have three young drivers in our house hold and they have never seen prices this low. Using my HyVee fuel saver card I actually paid less that $1.50 per gallon last week. Sounds amazing but...

When I was in high school and starting to drive in the 70's the typical price was a whopping

 $0.75 per gallon. My dad talked about gas being $0.15 a gallon in California when he was there in the 60's

Inflation was rampant during the Carter years and the price spiked to over a $1.00 per gallon (whoo hoo) my senior year in high school, we were a bit concerned we would not be able to get fuel for the tractors to put in our crops when they cut production in the Middle East and there were gas lines at the pump so we bought fuel storage tanks and stock piled enough diesel and gas for the season. This began the run up to nearly $4 a gallon a couple of years ago.

Reagan put the brakes on the spending when he took office, which spike interest rates to well over 15% for prefered rates like the prime rate and home mortages. Yep those were the good old days.

I guess it is a presidential election year, so everything that can go right will go right and both sides of the aisle will take credit for it. It will be fun to watch the stock market too!

Enjoy your economic stimulus while it lasts.

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