Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Vegetable Freak Playbook

The Vegetable Freak playbook has developed over many years of trying new ideas, following our passions and bringing value to our customers. You see the end product when you come to our market stand at the Rochester, Minnesota, Downtown Farmers Market.

But behind each item we bring to market there is a philosophy of implementation developed over nearly two decades of passion, commitment and hard work by our family.

There are six core elements to our playbook, which permeate everything we do...

  1. A Passion for Farming - We love to grow "best in class" food.
  2. Value For Our Customers - We delight our customers with the value of our produce.
  3. Commitment to Quality - We grow the best and are constantly looking for ways to improve.
  4. A Servants Heart - We serve our customers at many levels. We educate, we encourage and we listen to their needs.
  5. Willing to be Weird - We explore the frontiers of agriculture and food. If we are not doing something 10 years, no maybe 20 years, ahead of the rest of the growing community and the culture in general. Then we are loosing our edge.
  6. Desire to be Your Farmer - You can't achieve excellence unless you make your goals specific. The statement "We want to be your farmer" is behind everything we do.
Over the next week we will explore what each of these mean to us and what they can mean to you.

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