Monday, July 28, 2014

The Most Fertile Place in the World

When you think about the most fertile place in the world you might think of:
  1. The Amazon Rain Forest.
  2. The Mississippi river delta.
  3. A virgin prairie.
  4. The Garden of Eden
All would be a good guess and would make my top ten list.

But when I think about the most fertile place in the world I think of...

Our Farm.

Through our stewardship our farm is becoming one of the most fertile paces in the world.

I can say that with confidence because:
1) We have added the equivalent of 4-6 inches of compost over the whole farm. This is 4 million pounds of nearly pure humus.
2) We add minerals to fill the tank of our soil.
3) We grow lavish cover crop to build our soil organic matter and biology.
4)We use no chemicals to suppress the biology of the soil. In this environment the plants thrive.

I didn't say we had arrived quite yet, but we are "becoming"...

The most fertile place in the world!

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