Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Watermelon Was Developed in South Africa

There is nothing better than watermelon in the heat of summer. Watermelon thrive in hot dry climates and like to grow in loose sandy soil. We had an amazing crop last summer and have an encore planned for this year.

Did you know that watermelon originated in southern Africa, where it grow wild. We all know the stories of the Israelites lamenting the eating of watermelon from the Nile Valley when they were wandering in the wilderness. The delightful melon migrated quickly to China, Europe and the Americas in the 16th Century.

Many of our modern watermelons grown commercially have the variety called...

Charleston Gray in their linage, because of their excellent disease-resistance and wilt-resistance. I grew some of the original Charleston Grey last year. It is a very large watermelon which most exceeding 50 pounds and some well over 100 pounds. Not too practical to pick and eat, but a very tasty and productive melon.

Watermelon is classified botanically as a berry, with a thick rind and smooth fleshy center. Imagine buying a pint of those berries.

My dad used to grow watermelon and take a wagon to town on Saturdays to sell on the curb.

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