Monday, July 21, 2014

A Passion for Farming

Our passion is farming and we love to grow great vegetables for our customers. You cannot be a leader in your field without a passion for that activity, its technologies, and the result. Passion causes us to move towards our goals and it creates leverage or a force multiplier to our efforts. It keep us going when the days are long.

We care deeply about what we grow, how we grow it and who we grow it for. For example:

  1. We want our varieties to be the best we can get for our climate and location. Best might mean different things depending on the context. It may mean best tasting (see my post on my favorite tomato, about two weeks ago). It might mean flavor combined with great disease resistance and productivity (as in the cucumbers we grow). It might mean varieties that over winter in our climate so we can get the earliest  possible crops the next year
  2. We use growing methods that are compatible with our philosophy of soil building, carbon sequestration and stewardship of the land. But it just so happens that these methods also allow the vegetable plants to express their maximum flavor, quality, shelf life and yields. So these methods can also be the most profitable both in the short term and long term. We are constantly looking for better methods, new ideas and deeper understand of biological processes that make our plants thrive. New ideas typically are only new to us, there is great wisdom in relearning methods lost to modern agriculture.
  3. Our customers are part of our passion. Some of our best ideas come from our customers. We serve them, listen to them, and learn from them. We want to meet their needs and be their source of best practices for their gardens, preservation techniques, cooking methods and education on usage of vegetables and herbs.
Farming is a laboratory for life. It embraces the complete spectrum of learning from planting to marketing. It has been a great teaching tool for our children.

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