Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Servant's Heart

Service is at the core of our farm and business philosophy.

Service permeates all that we do.

It gets a little personal, but here is our top ten list of how we serve:

  1. We take care of ourselves. Eat healthy. Exercise. Rest. Learning. Personal growth. If we are not well, we cannot farm: we cannot serve.
  2. We serve each other as a family. We are kind and considerate. We build each other up and forgive each other's short comings, while striving to do our best and set a good example. The family is the foundation of the farm.
  3. We serve our customers amazing vegetables grown in healthy vibrant soils that keep our customers healthy and safe. We look for new and innovative ways to provide nutrition, flavor, convenience and value.
  4. We serve our customers through education on how we grow our crops, how they can use them, food preparation and food preservation. We do this through our website and through face-to-face teaching at the farmers market.
  5. We serve and teach younger farmers (and learn from them too), walking along side them on our journey.
  6. We serve our workers and pay them well in proportion to their experience and passion.
  7. We give food to the community through Channel 1 (we donated over 3000 [approx 1360 kg] pounds of produce last year).
  8. We give of our time, talent and treasure to our Church. See my series of posts on this subject in March of 2014.
  9. We serve future generations through soil building described in the previous post on quality. We are leaving a legacy of a farm that is better in the end than in the beginning.
  10. We serve our Creator, our Lord, and our Friend.. He is the compass for all that we do. Serving Him is our true north. If He had not first served us, we would not have the ability to serve others.

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