Monday, July 7, 2014

Have You Considered Music Camp for Your Student?

Like other skills, a student's music theory and training can loose their edge over the summer. To keep these skills honed razor sharp, Honors Choirs of SE Minnesota is offer a series of summer work shops for skill level appropriate music theory training. The seminars would be appropriate for choral singers, orchestral musicians or students taking music lessons.

Andrea Petersen our oldest daughter is the teacher. She is a music education major at Northwestern University in St.Paul, Minnesota.

Through fun exercise and activities your student will develop a deeper understanding of the rules and structure of music. This knowledge will help them be a better performer and build their musical foundation.

The seminar is sponsored by Honors Choirs, but is open to grade school, middle school and high school students from across the region.

Contact Honors Choirs for the time and place.

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