Monday, August 3, 2015

When a Student Is Ready the Teacher Will Appear.

I like to eat Chinese food, mostly for the vegetables. Occasionally I get a good fortune cookie with my meal. I have found you can increase your chances of getting a good one by taking two and then keeping the best one!

I have a whole collection of reasonably good ones in my office. I put them in a large cup. When we are having a boring meeting I pass them around and every one takes one. Kinda breaks up the monotony.

The title of this post is one of the best, "cookie proverbs". It says, "When a Student is Ready the Teacher Will Appear."  I have seen the reality of this many times, for example...

The family who comes to the Farmer's Market to get healthy organic food for the first time when some one in their family has cancer.

The young lady or man who is on their own for the first time and needs to learn how to prepare food for the first time. This blog and a little coaching from your farmer is all it takes.

The person who is trying to garden organically for the first time.

The person who is struggling financially and comes to Financial Peace University for some help.

I like to think of these as teachable moments. A point in time where our future path and today's profound reality intersect. Some might call these epiphanies.

What ever you call it, it is a good time to seek out a teacher. Someone who is a few steps further down the path of life.

They say that wisdom is caught more than taught. I agree with this premise. Either way there is a teacher and a student. So wether you are catching your wisdom or sitting at the feet of the master, be teachable.

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