Sunday, August 23, 2015


We were at Purdue last week visiting the engineering college for Reed.

I noticed they had something call convocation. Convocaation simply defined is a group of people assembled together. They use this often in academic circles.

At Pudue convocation was largely focused on big name entertainment groups (most of which I was not to familiar with, I guess I don't get out much).

I'm used to another focus for convocation...

I often listen to convocation at Liberty University and their convocation is focused on really top notch speakers with topics relevant to their mission and American culture.

They are fairly close to Washington DC and get quite a few leaders in our government.

Isn't it interesting that one prominent college uses convocation to entertain and another usese convocation to inform and influence.

In the midwest the best organic farming convocation is the Upper Midwest Organic Growers Conference. Well worth checking out. It is always at the end of February.

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