Friday, August 21, 2015

The Magic of Okra

The much awaited okra harvest has started. People often ask how we grow okra this far north. Okra hates cold almost as much as basil, so that is a ligitimate question. 

The secret is to start transplants early so you can get the plants big enough to harvest of several months before frost. We have about six week until frost.

The okra plants will be about waiste high by then. I watched a Utube video last year where a gardener down south was demonstrating how he picked his okra. He would drive along with his golf cart and pick the okra at shoulder height. Where they have a long frost free growing season the okra get massive in size. These were about six feet tall.

The newer hybrids grow larger pods without getting woody.

So if you like okra take advantage of the 8 week growing season.

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