Thursday, August 6, 2015

Baby Patty Pan Squash - 10 Serving Suggestions

"Oh what are those, they are soooo...cute" is a frequent exclamation we here about our baby patty pan squash.

The next question is "How do you use them."

So here are some serving suggestions.
  1. Saute them in butter. Everything is good in butter.
  2. If they are truly baby baby sized you don't have to cut anything up.
  3. If they are a little bigger cut them in half or quarters.
  4. Steam them. If you want to keep the calories to a minimum.
  5. Some of the upscale restaurants use the patty pan in a pasta cream sauce
  6. Put a few in a Paella.
  7. Put them on a skewer for the BBQ.
  8. Make pickles (see the Maple Syrup recipe earlier this week)
  9. Spritz with olive oil and put on a cookie sheet and use your favorite seasoning.
  10. Stir fry
Bonus Ideas (maybe a little unconventional):
  1. Process for a smoothie.
  2. Cruet with a dip.
  3. Stack with a tooth pick and make patty pan snow man (hey that kinda rhymes).
  4. Eat them with the blossoms on
  5. Slice thin and put in zucchini bread
  6. If you let them get bigger you can hollow out for a serving bowl

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