Monday, July 20, 2015

Gopher Hangout

You might have thought this post was about the U of M Gophers. Nope, this is about the small furry kind.

Rabbits and deer run way too fast for our dog Cody to catch. That doesn't mean he doesn't keep trying.

We have a litter of pocket gophers that are just his speed and he frequently corners one above ground.

One morning I cornered one too in an unusual spot...

I walked down to the field nearest the house to start the tiller. I was quite a ways from where the gopher den is, maybe 200 feet or more.

I got things going with the tiller, when I engaged the tines out trundled a young gopher at light speed...for a gopher. At the speed he was moving he appeared to be uninjured.

No dog in sight. Probably just as well, if he cornered the gopher he'd be down there all day trying to dig 'em out.

Gophers aerate the soil and eat grubs and things like that. They don't seem to bother anything so we pretty much leave them be.

They provide a little entertainment for the dog and me from time to time.

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