Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Trick for Doubling Your Pepper Yields

In the popular 1996 film Jerry Maguire, Jerry yells the phrase "Show me the money".

This trick for doubling pepper yields involves a different kind of green..

So we will all go out in our gardens and yell..

"Show me the magnesium."

Turns out that when the peppers are blooming they are under stress and that creates a deficiency in magnesium. If you foliage feed magnesium at this point you can greatly increase your yields.

The magic formula is one table spoon of Epsom salts to a gallon of water.

Epsom salts have the chemical formula MgSO4. In this case it is the magnesium that is the hero. Did you know that chlorophyll has the same structure as hemoglobin but has a magnesium atom at the center vs an iron atom in hemoglobin. When you supplement Mg the pepper plant turns dark green (from the newly minted chlorophyll) and bursts into bloom.

At that point we would all make Jerry Maguire proud when we stand in our gardens and yell "Show Me the Peppers."

I have done this for years at it works like a champ.

Would we thank Mr. Epsom for this miracle of nature...nope. Epsom salts come from a mineral spring called Epsom near Surrey in England. Has something to do with the porous chalk of Downs meeting the non-porous clay of London which forms mineral called Kiserite. This miracle salt is also good for sore feet and bathing, the human body is often Mg deficient. Try a bath in Epsom salts and you will sleep like a baby.

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