Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Signs of the Thyme

Have you ever noticed the many signs around us, especially around the typical farm. Our farm doesn't have any of the typical signs but I got to thinking about what our version of these many signs would say.
  • Instead of signs that say "Keep Out" we say "Come Observe".
  • Instead of "Trespassers will be Prosecuted", we hope "Visitors will be Impressed".
  • Instead of "No Admittance", we say "Admit All Who Seek To Learn".
  • Instead of "No Hunting", we want you to "Hunt for Truth".
  • Instead of "Dead End",  we see "Unlimited Opportunities"
  • Instead of "Wrong Way", we want people to find the "Better Way"
  • Instead of "No Soliciting", we encourage people to "Seek Wisdom"
  • Instead of "Danger Biohazard", we have "Safety, Healthy Soil"
  • Instead of "Skull and Cross Bones", we want "Smiling & Healthy People"
  • Instead of "Deer Crossing", we want "Bare Foot Crossing" Our children's favorite.
  • Instead of "Pavement Ends", we want to encourage people to take the "Road Less Traveled"
  • Instead of "Rough Road", we see a "Firm Foundation"

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