Monday, December 23, 2013

A Farmer Writes a Hymn

Hymn by Brian Petersen - From the Story of Joseph

This is a hymn (a poem really, since there is no music) I wrote during a class on worship at Cross Roads College here in Rochester. Lisa and I took this class together during January-February 2013 as a date night activity. See my previous post for explanation of the class. I commend classes like this to you.

I wrote the poem in a day or two, but it took weeks to understand it. There are parallels here between the story of Joesph and Jesus that I had never seen before and didn't even understand until I had really contemplated the words and gained insight from studying the story of Joseph more deeply. See my next post for the analysis.

A diadem of colors, white, Israel's favorite son.

Foresees majestic future, bright, from the Holy One.

Wicked jealous brothers, bent, no vision only cost

Betray the young redeemer, sent, a son of Israel lost

A sojourn in a country, far, of stripes and victories won

A faithful broken servant's, star, keeps listening as a son

Two men in dungeon dreary, three, have messages divine

For one the bread is broken, tree, one partakes the wine.

A holy humble servant, best, suffering but meek

A vision during kingly, rest, interpretations seek

A whisper from creator, of mystery, earthly kings

Lifts up a slave, of history, a world salvation brings

Israel's King triumphant, fight, His wisdom bless and save

Narrow path for lasting life, of light, from birth to grave

Brothers restored, Israel unite, to the Son of favor

The Father saved, The Spirit's might, through Jesus Christ our Savio

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