Sunday, December 29, 2013


Oasis - A fertile or green spot in a desert or wasteland, typically made that way by the presence of a water table at the surface. I also like the definition of a place of peace, safety, or happiness in the midst of trouble or difficulty. (From Wikipedia)

Our farm is an Oasis in every sense of the word.

Our farm is an organic, chemical free and GMO free zone in the midst of a desert of chemical agriculture. We grow clean, well mineralized, fresh, and flavorful vegetables. We use large amounts of compost in our fertility program. We rebuild soils at 100x the rate of natural processes. We sequester carbon and have achieved a positive carbon foot print. We build biological life in our soils. We grow healthy and happy plants. We listen to what our weeds tell us about our soils and take action to counter imbalances.

Our farm is a place of peace and safety. We come home from our activities of the day and can walk through the pastoral gardens or woods. There are birds and wildlife in abundance. There are no dangerous machines, smelly confinements, mega monocultures or promiscuous pollen GMO's).

We feed our minds and bodies. We read good books. We listen to the great teachers and thinkers of our times. We use solitude to think. We find wisdom in the past as well as the future. We use technology appropriately to enhance our farming. We do physical work (my gym membership is a compost shovel and my tread mill is looking for mushrooms on a wooded hillside glen). We grow much of what we eat. We seek to retain the knowledge of food preservation from our past.

Oasis - an organic farm in a wasteland of chemical agriculture, made that way because of a family who is passionate about the food they grow and the people they serve. A place of peace and safety for a legacy of family, wisdom and community. (From Brian)

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