Saturday, December 14, 2013

From Our Larder to Your Pantry

In our last post we learned about the role of the larder on the farm. Today technology has largely replaced the larder for most American homes. We have refrigerators, freezers, pressure canning and dehydrators.

However if you want to eat local and seasonal your local farmer still may represent a large portion of your family larder. We have several hundred families that purchase a large portion of their produce from us.

Even in the winter we have a thousand pounds of carrots and a thousand pounds of onions that will be available at the market. We are just finishing up a 1000 pounds of winter squash. We canned 300 pints of salsa and have hundreds of pounds of spicy peppers and smoked roma tomatoes. We have leeks, shallots and just sold our last garlic. Dried eggplant is plentiful.

From our larder to your pantry.

There is no market this week, but come see us next week and restock your pantry.

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