Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Salsa Freak

We made 84 pints of salsa the weekend of labor day from gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and roasted Roma tomatoes. If we add that to the salsa we have made over the last several weeks I would have over 150 pints so far.

Reed and I went to Fleet Farm on Labor day and bought another 8 dozen pint jars.

We have lots of tomatoes, sweet onions and peppers so we have been taking advantage of the bounty.

Our recipe is very simple and uses only those three ingredients. We vary the flavor by the types of tomatoes and peppers that are used.

For all you "Salsa Freaks" we have started to take some limited edition salsas to market. I had 6 pints of Squash Blossom Salsa at market this week. Yum!

Update. We made 96 pint of salsa on September 8.

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