Friday, September 20, 2013

10 Reasons We Are Weird

10 reasons why we are weird.

1) We work hard. We like to work.
2) We read books. Yes paper. We often highlight and underline
3) We don't watch TV. It improves our peace of mind.
4) We save. It improves our present and future. We give. It is the best investment.
5) We invest in ourselves and others. We are building a legacy.
6) Our teenagers are respectful, hardworking, good students and good citizens
7) We pay cash for our cars and our farm equipment. We don't borrow money.
8) We attend church every weekend and are actively involved.
9) We value relationships. God, Family and Friends.
10) We like good music, plays and movies.

We are living our dream. The way I see it weird is good.

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