Thursday, September 26, 2013

Borrowed Time

I can't remember the last season where we hadn't had at least some touch of frost by this time in the season. The late season frost sensitive crops are always a little bit of a roll of the dice and usually don't make it before they are killed or damaged by frost. For example we just started picking a beautiful row of french fillet beans and I have another one staged to start next week. I did not really expect to harvest these beans, they were more for soil building, but hey we will take the windfall.

We are still harvesting a basil in bountiful quantities. Basil and Okra are two of the most frost sensitive of the garden plants and they are yet untouched. Cherry tomatoes and peppers. Several more weeks of the best of summer.

The flip side of this discussion is we can hardly wait for the first frost kissed Brussels sprouts and those sweet sweet candy carrots. Leeks, broccoli, and kale are all improved by the fall cold.

This again reinforces my premise that the averages of weather are just a string of extremes that meet in the middle. At least this year has stacked up that way, snow every weekend in April with a massive break all the records snow the first week in May. See my post on Once in a Blue Snow.

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