Saturday, September 21, 2013

10 Reasons to Shop At the Rochester Farmers Market

We shop at the Rochester Farmers Market and here is why.

1) If real estate is about location, location and location. Food is about fresh, fresh, fresh.
2) The farmers market has more diversity of produce and other foods. Just our stand has more diversity of seasonal produce than some supermarkets.
3) The knowledge base of the farmers about their product is orders of magnitude beyond any other source of produce or meats.
4) You can know your farmer. We want to be your farmer, get to know us.
5) You can get advice about cooking and preservation.
6) Some of the items offered for sale are weird. The vendors actually think about what you want, not just the latest fashion foodie trend. From basic to way out, you can find it all. Charcoal, black garlic, moon and stars watermelon, and chipotle smoked with apple wood.
7) You will never ever ever find some things anywhere else. Sun gold cherry tomatoes, ruby streaks mustard greens, baby patty pan squash and brandywine tomatoes have to be picked fresh, fresh, fresh. Putting them in a truck for a week would destroy them.
8) The market is a source of community, wisdom, and stability.
9) The farmers are our friends.
10) The market is a small business incubator. We talk about various business incubators in the region, from the Bio Business Center to Elk Run, the Farmers Market has them all beat hands down. The market has nearly 100 small businesses and all you need is a parking lot for 1/2 a day. Sounds like the spirit of American business to me.

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