Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It Is Black Walnut Season

If you have been watching your black walnut trees it is time to harvest walnuts that you are going to use for salve or tincture.

Black walnuts are very good for parasites and anti-fungal. Black walnut salve and tincture are a natural way to deal with them.

The active ingredients are in the outer green husk (not shell) of the walnut.

Here is how you harvest...

Pick walnuts that are full sized, but still green. You can use nuts that have fallen to the ground, but don't use cracked one as they may contain dirt and insects.

I have an apple picking basket on a long handle that I use to pull the walnuts right off the tree late in the season like this.

You remove the outer green husk for your salve and tincture harvesting green is the most potent.

I will give instructions for making salve and tincture in future posts.

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