Thursday, June 18, 2015


You know the old saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure". Well we had a good example of that at the farmers market last week. Before I explain what happened let me give a little background.

We had a great onion crop last year and we have been selling onions all winter and on into the spring. These  are the Spanish onions that will keep for 6 months or more. Well these onions were picked in early September so we are way out on the edge of the bell curve, probably six sigma or something like that, with these onions lasting 10 months.

The onions that are well grown and well stored don't really go bad they just sprout (meaning they wake up and start growing.)

That is the start of the weird transaction we had at the farmer's market...

This older guy dressed like a Middle Eastern holy man walked to the back of our booth at the market and insisted on buying a whole bushel of very sprouted onions. We had brought three bushels to market and Reed had sorted these off as unsalable. We told him these were trash and the good ones were on the front table. He was undetered and insisted on buying the sprouted ones.

He got the whole group. I asked him how he would prepare them and what he would do with them. He said he would  cook them in the freezer. His English wasn't so good. I think he meant cook and then freeze them.

After he left Reed said he had stomped on them pretty good to get them all into the crate. So he got a good deal " pressed down and shaken together" as the scripture says. Maybe a little tenderized too.

What is your definition of treasure? Probably not sprouted onions.

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