Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to Plant Watermelon Organically

This year I went crazy with water melon starts. About three weeks ago I started one flat each of 15 varieties. Many of these seeds are heirloom varieties from Seed Saver's Exchange.

Some of the seeds were small quantities and a flat was all I had. Others I had a larger quantity and so I also direct seeded some.

I have been bringing transplants to the farmer's market. So it you want to try any of these you can get them there.

Here is how you do it.

I like to plant two seeds per pot and they hold together better that way. When transplanting, you want to plant at the same height as they were grown. Not deeper, like you would tomatoes or peppers. Space every 2-3 feet.

I'm trying some seedless this year. It is pretty fussey on germination. I have two seed germination mats that provide some bottom heat. The seeds are to be held at 85F for 3-5 days for best germination. I have two yellow varieties, one red variety and one orange variety, all seedless. Mosts of the seedless germinated and we are looking forward to a good harvest.

We planted our first set of 200 transplants out yesterday right before the rain today. Last evening we put some compost around the plants and they were well watered in with the rain. They look great and the compost will stabilize and feed the plants.

We use a hand full (very scientific measurement) of a 8-2-4 organic fertilizer from "Sustain" at the time of planting

After a few weeks we will fertilize with fish emulsion and again a few weeks before they bloom.

The children can hardly wait.

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