Monday, May 18, 2015

Worms Ate My Home Work

A lot of things happen on a farm during the night.

We don't always think about it but here is one example.

I had a load of compost with a lot of red wiggler worms in the compost. I was going to sort a bunch out for sale at farmers market. It was later in the day and I thought I'd wait until morning when I could see better.

You don't actually want to keep worms in the back of your truck, because the first time you get a nice slow rain at night the worms will want to go for a walk (crawl) and they will go everywhere. They won't do this unless it rains by the way.

Trust me.

There must of have been 10,000 worms to greet me the next morning.

I spent hours persuading them out of the rain gutters, intake vents and crevices around the windows on my pickup.

Fortunately we returned most of them to the safety of their compost.

We don't even think about worms being nocturnal or the work they do. They convert their body weight in organic matter to vermi-compost each day. So if there were 2000 lbs of compost in that pickup and there was 20 lbs of worms they would have consumed it all and converted it to worm castings in about 3 months. So it would take 3 months to "eat my home work".

Worms are hard workers day or night.

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