Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Hug

When we got back from my father's funeral Lisa had to leave on tour with the Cross Roads College Choir. She is the accompanist for the choir. We attend Autumn Ridge Church, and the High School group meets on Saturday night, so we sometimes attend Saturday night services.  It was after the Saturday service that evening, the pastor had announced that my father had died in the service that night and I was feeling a little sad and alone...

I was in no hurry so I was looking for some of our friends to say hi, but I was not having much luck. I walked around the lobby for the second time and was about to go home when one my friends walked up and gave me a bear hug. He didn't say anything, he just gave me a hug and left with his family. That meant a great deal to me.

Thanks Othelmo!

I must have had over 200 people offer condolences since we got back.

I really appreciate the support.

I've also had quite a few people take the time to read the post "A Conversation with My Dad" on this blog. It is very meaningful to me to be able to share with my friends a little bit about my Dad.

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