Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Will It Explode

Squash won't explode in the oven if you cook it whole. My mother used to cook acorn squash by cutting it in two and cooking with brown sugar and butter. That is the traditional method, but it is much easier to cook the quash whole. Once cooked it cuts like butter and can be easily cleaned of seeds and separated from the shell.

I get asked all the time if you cook a squash whole will it explode. The answer is no. We have cooked 100's and narry a one has exploded. Would be kinda cool if one would go kaboom, but no luck so far.

Two thumbs up for spagetti squash. I grew a variety this year that is a personal size, with full size flavor.

I also grew some small personal size butternut squash. They have been great for a 1-2 person meal.

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